1. The word "gujjew" is the summation of the word "Gujrati" (people who come from the Indian state of Gujrat, also referred to as "gujju") and "Jew" (a follower of Judaism). Used as a derogatory term for someone super tight with their money or someone not very generous, and could cheat anyone for a penny.
He gujjewed me by selling those tickets for 10 times their worth!

He's just a gujjew ass bastard!

by Gujju Patel June 03, 2006
Top Definition
The Jews of India. People who hail from West Indian State of Gujarat i.e. Gujaratis or Gujjus. They are best known for their business acumen.
Oh damm those gujjews on Dalal Street control the Bombay Stock Exchange !
Ambanis are gujjews.
by Kem_Cho February 16, 2008
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