The beautiful noise that comes from two guitars that are harmonizing together; often producing entrancing noise that leaves those in hearing distance speechless.
Guy: "Mom, did you just hear that guitarmony in my room with my guitarist?!"
Mom: uh...i..h..mwdzfh....dhadmvlgpqu......
by ummidk? April 19, 2011
Top Definition
In guitar-based music, guitarmony is the use of overdubbing (or multiple live guitarists) to create a chorus of guitars playing in harmony (see Dickey Betts of the Allman Brothers, Brian May of Queen, Jimmy Page in later Led Zeppelin work, etc.). At the hands of skilled, well-rehearsed musicians, guitarmony can produce incredible results.
"Shit dude, 'Ramblin Man' has one of the best guitarmony parts I've ever heard"
by drogepirja November 04, 2007
A sweet pair of guitars making luscious melodies.
21st Streamline's guitar players can really play some sweet Guitarmonies!
by 21st Streamline January 26, 2011
Guitarmony - guitar harmonics, a song by the Speed Metal band HEATHEN
dude, thats a guitarmony!
by metalhusky August 26, 2011
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