Musician (occassionally) who thinks the entire world revolves around him...
"You need to play less bass on this one so that I can put in a 20 minute guitar solo..."

Typical Response to the above: "Bollocks/Piss Off/Fuck Off/Die Scum" The list could continue forever...
by PSYCHOBASS July 15, 2003
About 90 % of those who decide to learn how to play the guitar; one who loves one's self. Not to be confused with "guitar player"(the real deal). You can differentiate the guitarists from the guitar players in a few ways...

- The guitarist will nod his head and make smug faces as he
plays his minor pentatonic licks (or any sequence). He may also jump about and/or perform spinning Tae Kwon Do kicks whilst playing.

- The guitarist's ulterior motives for playing the guitar
are: Attention, Sex, Money, and Drugs.

- The guitarist has a propensity to favor quantity over
quality (ex. playing several unnecessary notes), and is
often observed turning his volume up to an obnoxious
level in an attempt to be liked.

- The music they create is banal dog doo.

Not to be dealt with, period.

The following are NOT guitarists, but are guitar players...meaning they are not crap:

1.)Jason Becker

2.)Steve Howe

3.)Robert Fripp

4.)Lindsey Buckingham (A man. You heard me.)
by Beelzebub Is Back October 18, 2007
Arrogant rocker-boy.
"From now on, I stick to drummers!"
by Qit January 13, 2004
See Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, and Tom Delonge (yes he is a pretty good guitarist for a pop-punk band).
Kurt and Tom are sexy guitarists. Jimi is just plain amazing.
by Ka August 09, 2004
guy in mid 30s - late 40s with long hair and receding hair line. Lives in the 70's and with his mother.
Mummy> have you cleaned your room yet dear?
baldy> yes mummy!
by papasloonatsta December 02, 2003

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