someone who plays guitar for pleasure of performance not to be confused with people who play guitar hero, think their good and decide to get a £60 inclusive guitar and amp from a pathetic shop. guitarist's are normally pretty chill and hate drummers coz they wont stop drumming while your trying to lay down a sexy riff. good guitarist - need be just one HENDRIX
idiot: wow im really good at guitar hero i might start playing actual guitar

actual guitarist: go away you dick. its 6 strings and 126 notes not 5 fucking buttons...foole
by an actual guitarist March 04, 2010
a guy who knows how to touch women and whos hands dont tire easily
'im such a guitarist, she was writhing under my fingers for hours'
by anony mouse July 04, 2004
Usually can suck at there instrument and still be in a band although the bassist and drummer must be decent.
That guitarist only used one chord in the entrie song.
by StephenW June 25, 2006
musician and down-right cool geezer around whom the world does revolve!
wow, see the world revolving around that guitarist?
by unknown (:p) November 14, 2003
A guitarist is a pesron who has a certain background of playing the (guitar). In most bands guitarist are the arrogant ones along with the lead singers. Guitarists are one with there instruments. The are the soul of music and its passion today.

I am a guitarist. I play the guitar; I play the Epiphone Les Paul Standard

See, (Jimmi Hendrix), (Pete Townshead), (Jimmi Page), (B.B King), (Eric Clapton) and more
by Ben22 October 26, 2005
Someone like who can play acoustic and electric guitar with speed, precision and power.
Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray, John Mayer or self taught guitarist Brandon Jarod.
by Zspock September 05, 2012
God's gift to fingering.
"So, how did your date go last night?"

"Oh my God! It was amazing, he was a guitarist, if you know what I mean... ;)"

*Spontaneously orgasms"
by BCJLandslide January 05, 2014

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