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1.A crowded place where many people believe it is still 1982. 2.A place of business motivated to sell guitars. 3.A place where the workers shred and make you feel subhuman.
Guitar center is whack. Check Ebay.
by KDAWG April 15, 2005
A chain of mega-stores that sell everything even remotely related to guitars, putting out of business those guitar shops that sell real instruments and good equipment where they know your name and let local bands practice in the back room. Inhabited by people who think that by hanging out there or announcing that they will be visiting one of these establishments will make them suddenly popular. Full of overpriced, low-quality instruments and accessories.
Person who calls them self a guitarist even though they've only been playing for three weeks and knows one chord: I'm going to Guitar Center.
Ignorant wannabe: Oh, a guitarist! How immensely cool.
by remy hayes November 25, 2006
The Wal-Mart for musical instruments.It is like a futuristic Arnold Schwarzenegger movie where everyones name has been replaced by a number -- not very personal.

A place where the managers try to rip you off.
Dont buy from guitar center, just look at their ebay feedack rating. Sucky!
by Alfred Rub March 29, 2006
A place where you might go to buy music equipment and have some jerkoff call you boss (and other things) one too many times after you bought your stuff. Thus making you want to grab a guitar and ram it down the punk's throat. And then save what's left of the guitar for the guy up front who checks your bag best-buy-style.
Guitar Center Quote: "What's HAPPENING there BOSS?"
by Jazgul March 22, 2008
A place selling huge amounts of instruments (guitars, basses, drums, DJ equipment, etc.). They also sell gear. The quality of the instruments probably won't be as good as the more local not superstore guitar shops.
Guitar Center has quantity over quality.
by Andrew Tout January 01, 2006
a great guitar store where IF YOU KNOW HOW TO PLAY AND KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOOD AND BAD INSTRUMENTS,you can find extremely good gear for an extremely low price, all a place to showcase your stuff and jam w/ random people.
Because most people suck at guitar and dont take their time to do some research, they feel like they got ripped off by guitar center.
Too many poeple think muscians friend is guitar center
by Simply a man October 11, 2006
Musical instrument store that usally carries all types except orechestra instruments.

Have more of a variety of guitar than other chains such Sam Ash.
You can talk down the price on most guitars and amps, even get a free case if you deal right.
i bought a guitar for 500 out the door, even though the price tag was 549.99 with tax not included, at guitar center
by Calvin Riley June 23, 2007
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