Normally six-stringed, a guitar is extremely easy to play and master, so most (if not all) guitar players are musically illiterate. Being unable to read notes on a five-line staff, guitar players instead invent tabulature, which basically shows exactly where to play the notes.

It is worthy to note that people with no musical knowledge whatsoever can still play the music written by supposedly professional "artists", which says a lot about modern music. No random faggot would be able to play the works of Mozart or Beethoven.

Some versions of guitar even use electricity, these guitars sound even worse than their acoustic counterparts and even waste resources. In my opinion the people who made electric guitars deserve to be hanged.
Guitar player: OMG I can strum along to this Metallica song I'm so good!

Me: What note is that you just played?

Guitar player: Uh, I don't know.

Me: What key is the song in?

Guitar player: Wtf is a key?

Me: What's the time signature?

Guitar player: ...

Me: You call yourself a fucking musician?
by MusicallyLiteratePerson July 10, 2008
An erected penis that is very large
his guitar is so huge damn..
by kevin lo February 26, 2006
The instrument that is currently bugging the crap out of me as I type these words. M u s t c o n t i n u e t y p i n g...(Slams guitar on ground) that's better.
by Zach G. October 29, 2003
an extremely cool instrumant that i try 2 play but dont do v well but gd things do come to those who wait every1 plays it tho it is annoyin i shudve lerned bass cus its easier and not many ppl play it 4 all those ppl who say its a babe magnet u might b rite and i can always hope
i play guitar but im not as good as people that i know as mi mother is 2 lazy 2 get me lessons so i jus hav 2 lern off mi sis m8 it is sooooooooooo annoyin
by billios June 01, 2004
When you play it, everyone leaves.
Please put that guitar down
by samtheman0360 December 15, 2014

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