The guitar is an instrument that usually has six strings. The majority of guitarist are musically illiterate and can only read tablature. Actually being able to read notes is preferred. Chords are also used sometimes. The most flexible guitarists can play all three.

Chords look like this:
F#m E Csus Dm

Tabs look like this:

Standard tuning on a guitar is E-A-D-G-B-E. However, sometimes the tuning is altered in order to change the sound. An example is drop D tuning, where the strings are changed to Db-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb.
I love playing the guitar!
by Musician Chick May 12, 2007
The sexiest instrument there is.
Often nerds use them to get laid.
Eg: "Damn look at that guitar, man he's sexy now!"
by miss.understood September 27, 2004
a chic magnet that makes ladies of any age think that a guy is oober sexy, becky look at that guitar. it's so hot.
by Nicole M March 12, 2006
A rarely used musical instrument in rock and popular music.
Guitarist #1: Ok let's form a rock band. We need two electric guitarists; four acoustic guitarists; three bass guitarists and seven lead guitarists.

Guitarist #2: Cool, but I think we need more guitarists.
by HumphreyB May 19, 2006
Guitar: n.

1. a wooden instrument for making magic sounds when a series of notes are played.
2. a LARGE penis with several tatto's on the shaft.
3. (slang) a phrase for a easily seduced woman.
1. i played a chord on my guitar
2. i played his guitar all night
3. ya, she was a guitar
3b. i played her like a guitar
by The One Who Plays Like Jesus July 28, 2011
a stringed instrument that when played, will help you get laid
"I got genital herpes and inpregnated 2 chicks from playing guitar so much last night"
by guitarist1 November 14, 2006
A way for teenagers to spend hours accomplishing nothing. Leads to them believing they can start a band, then the band fails because they only play Van Halen songs and cant get a record contract.
Person 1
I can play freebird on guitar.
Person 2
Well I can get 100% of it on expert on guitar hero.
by arandomhobo August 22, 2009
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