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The sexiest instrument there is.
Often nerds use them to get laid.
Eg: "Damn look at that guitar, man he's sexy now!"
by miss.understood September 27, 2004
a chic magnet that makes ladies of any age think that a guy is oober sexy
o.my.god, becky look at that guitar. it's so hot.
by Nicole M March 12, 2006
A rarely used musical instrument in rock and popular music.
Guitarist #1: Ok let's form a rock band. We need two electric guitarists; four acoustic guitarists; three bass guitarists and seven lead guitarists.

Guitarist #2: Cool, but I think we need more guitarists.
by HumphreyB May 19, 2006
Guitar: n.

1. a wooden instrument for making magic sounds when a series of notes are played.
2. a LARGE penis with several tatto's on the shaft.
3. (slang) a phrase for a easily seduced woman.
1. i played a chord on my guitar
2. i played his guitar all night
3. ya, she was a guitar
3b. i played her like a guitar
by The One Who Plays Like Jesus July 28, 2011
a stringed instrument that when played, will help you get laid
"I got genital herpes and inpregnated 2 chicks from playing guitar so much last night"
by guitarist1 November 14, 2006
A way for teenagers to spend hours accomplishing nothing. Leads to them believing they can start a band, then the band fails because they only play Van Halen songs and cant get a record contract.
Person 1
I can play freebird on guitar.
Person 2
Well I can get 100% of it on expert on guitar hero.
by arandomhobo August 22, 2009
A guitar (g-box) is a musical instrument in which hippy, try hard boys and rad cunts play to either act alternative/indie or get into the opposite sex’s pants.
Hippy/wanna-be alternative/try hard 'cool boy': (to girl) Hey, whattup. I play guitar. What of it.
Girl: (takes clothes off immediately)
by jfesklkfkjwkljewkljf February 19, 2011