A 6, 7, or 12 stringed instrument which is about 3 ft long, and is very popular to play. If you are right-handed, you play chords with your left hand by arranging your fingers in different patterns along the frets, and strum it with your right hand.
I am learning to play the guitar.
by CombatWombat August 14, 2003
the ultamite sex and STD magnet
fanboy 1: dude dave is a dam guitar god, he gets so much ass from his skills

fanboy 2: ya but i doubt hell make it past 40, u hear hes got the clap, aids, Chlamydia, crabs, herpies. (feel free to insert any other STD u may know of)

groupie: WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!
#instruments #sexualy #transmitted #disseases #guitar
by michaelasdue July 10, 2008
A stringed instrument descended from the lute, and standardised in its modern form in 18th century spain. Perhaps the most poular stringed intsrument in the world, owing to its accesability, portability and musical versatility. A magnet (apparently) for the resentment of those too thick, and without skill enough to play them. Also widley accredited with the breakup, loss of sexual relationships among the thick and unskilled as their sexual partners inevitably, prefer the ministrations of the deft and skillful, indicated by their preferance for guitar playing. and large penises. (see also american blues, tight pants, Jimmy Page).
" i THREW My Girlfreind out last night. i came home early and she was balling that guitar player from the bar last night."

#guitar #guitar player #blues #bluesman #rock and roll
by Tooold Forthisdumbshit August 10, 2008
A stringed instrument that greats like Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton, and John Frusciante play or played extremely well.
1. You'll never be as good as John, he practices like 17 hours a day. A.K.A. Jesus.

2. Mike Einziger could come close.

3. Santana is the Holy Spirit of guitar.

4. Hendrix is god.
by Joe May 15, 2005
one of the best, and most popular instruments in the world. many of the worls most famous musicians are guitarists, like Jimi Hendrix. Everyones heard of him, right?

there are also some variations like the bass and 7 or 12 string versions
(at a concert)
guy 1: that solo looks easy, man
guy 2: anyone here tonight could play that, coz everyone plays guitar!
#gitar #rock #metal #punk #blues #music #bass guitar #bass
by mo June 16, 2006
The guitar is a device used for making music. It works when the player strums on the strings with his right hand, and presses them upon "frets" with his left hand. Most guitars have 6 strings, but some folk musicians use a 12 string, and some metal heads prefer a 7-string with an extra bass string added. It is more proper to call them wires, since they are often made of metal, in non-classical situations.

The coolest guitar relies on electricity to take the sound waves through a series of effect boxes and a loudspeaker called the "Amp." The sound comes through the amp, not the guitar itself. It is called "electric guitar", and the unique combination of mechanical strings and electrical pulses allows for the sound to be distorted to any crunch, wah, buzz, twang, and other sound not obtainable on a conventional instrument, but horrible sounding on a synthesizer. It does produce natural string vibrations which can be heard from a yard away, but they are horrible and lousy.

The acoustic guitar is an older, more boring instrument, which exchanges the power for a fatter, but hollow body with a "sound hole". This makes the instrument nerdy and gay, and it can only make one type of sound. But what is lost is perceived coolness and flexibility is made up for in a lower energy bill. Besides, you want to show the over-30s that you are a good kid that isn't afraid to be true to himself?
I bought a rare 20-string guitar.

Jimi Hendrix and all punk, jazz, and rock bands were players ofthe Electric Guitar. Jimmy Page was a god.

Tom Chapin is a dried up children's folksinger who plays Acoustic Guitar.

Praetorius wrote for the Classical Guitar 200 years ago.

The Resonator Guitar is losing its fanbase, as old men are dying, if not, becoming too uncoordinated to play it.
#fiddle #violin #instrument #music #rock #folk #cool #sick #punk
by Urine Corporation March 17, 2012
BASIC INFO- the guitar is a plucked string instrument that can be played with fingers or with a pick. usually, the guitar has 6 strings. although, there are others that can come in 7 string, 12 string, and 4 string, to name a few.

TYPES- obviously, there is the ACCOUSTIC GUITAR- wich has a sound hole, that when played, noise vibrates out the hole. and the ELECTRIC GUITAR- that when played, the noise comes out of an amp. But, there are also many more types of guitars, to name a few, RUSSIAN GUITAR- a seven string accoustic usually tuned to open g major. TENOR GUITAR- a slightly smaller four string guitar that is tuned to fifths.

TUNING- the common guitar tuning (standard tuning) is EADGBE, for a slightly heavier sound (used lots in grunge) you can go with D#/E♭ tuning. (half a step down) it is used by bands like, nirvana, green day, guns N' roses, van halen, jimi hendrix, and alice in chains. and if you really wanna fuck up your sound, you can bring your guitar ALL the way down to octave tuning. at this point in tuning, you might as well buy a bass guitar.
da guitar is so awesome!
#bass #strings #tuning #music #band
by dude-im-cool-43 August 02, 2010
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