sometimes used in art (like picasso paintings) guitars have influenced music since the western world. closely related to a predecessor, the lute, guitars consist of 6,7,or 12 strings (i once saw a 42 string was nuts) as far as acoustic guitars go, the best acoustic money can buy is either a C.F. Martin, or a Takamine. As far as electrics go: Fender, Gibson, or Paul Reed Smith (PRS) the strings are strummed or plucked either with the bare fingers or a plectrum (pick) to create a pleasing array of tonal masterpieces.
Phil: "I'm playing guitar so i can get laid w00t!"
David: "think with your mind instead of your dick. you'll go far."
Phil: *spontaneously combusts*
by Kirsh November 26, 2004
The greatest invention known to man
The guitar is the greatest thing known to man
by Iron Maiden Fan November 26, 2007
An instrument many pick up for the sake of popularity. These people have no respect for the instrument as a musical device, but rather use it to look attractive to women or "cool" to men. Even the mere carrying of a guitar case or a small guitar pick will earn the bearer respect. This is the reason that many people walk around with their electric guitars even though they have no amp.
See poser.
Poser guitarist: I spring-loaded my wallet so that every time I open it a guitar pick flies out. I don't even know how to play!

Peers: Damn, that kid is the epitome of sex/cool.
by Bioflavonoid June 13, 2006
Greatest instrument ever created, can be used to take your frustration out on or to pick up women.
I play the blues on my down days
by phattest of the phat April 26, 2005
A stringed instrument that is a great thing to play and have fun with. 99% of all guitarists are musically illiterate. Infact, I play guitar and I can't read music, but I'm much better than any of my friends who can. Guitars are a great way to express yourself, have fun, get a good vibe goin, and impress buddies and chicks. And yes, guitars do pick chicks up.
Damn! Now that, is a sexy guitar. God, if that was a girl, I'd fuck it in a second.
by E-Money June 24, 2003
Derived from ancient string instruments such as the Oud, dating back in pictorial history as far as 5000 years ago.
The Oud was the predecesor to the western Lute, which was the predecessor to the Classical guitar which came into popularity during the Renaissance and Baroque periods.
Further ancestry can be linked to the Sitar and instruments related to the Zither family with actual instruments found in tombs dating back to approx. 500BC.
In Modern versions, the first electric pickup was designed by George D. Beauchamp, a Hawaiian style guitarist in the 1920's. In 1929 he filed patent for the Dobro and in 1934, the first electric lap steel guitar became known as the Rickenbacker 'frying pan'. In 1936 he filed patent for the first electric called the 'Spanish Electro guitar'. In the late 40's Leo Fender sought to design an electric guitar that would be the 'volkswagon' of the guitar industry, the Esquire, which became Broadcaster and then quickly changed to the Telecaster due to possible name copyright infringement with Gretschs' 'Broadkaster'.
By 1950, the first production solidbody electric guitars were in full swing from the Fender factory. The electric guitar was on its way into making history.
With a guitar you can rule the world.
by Charvelguy May 09, 2008
an instriment that helps people expresse themselves and let other people get there feelings too through any type of music
jimi hendrix played the guitar and made people feel good
by Anonymous February 11, 2003

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