Possibly the best instrument ever, it can be used in just about any style of music, and virtually an ENDLESS amount of tones can be achieved on electric guitar by changing your amplifier, pickups, amp settings, adding effect pedals, etc etc. Individual playing style also affects your sound which most people aren't willing to accept. You won't sound like your idol even if you are using exactly the same equipment.

Also, an instrument which practically everyone in the world claims to play, yet only a precious few are any good at it. Just because you can play power chords, tune in drop-d, or get weird sounds using a ton of effects, doesn't make you a decent guitarist (don't get me wrong, there are a lot of interesting things that can be played in alternate tunings including drop-d that can't be done in standard tuning, but that isn't usually why they are used).

Nowadays companies such as Warmoth allow players to build custom guitars that will look and sound the way they want, however a basic knowledge of tone woods is required and they don't guarantee that the guitar will sound good when put together.
I thought playing the guitar was supposed to get you laid. Damn, I must be really ugly.
by Nick Ekström January 18, 2007
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a chick magnet for either sex.
girls love a guy on guitar. girls love a girl on guitar.
by chkonchkforreal April 23, 2003
1. A six-string instrument. The strings are commonly made of nylon or metal. It consists of a body, a neck, and a headstock. The strings are depressed behind frets to produce pitch. Sound is commonly amplified with either a soundhole in a hollow-body or a pickup and electronic amplifier. It uses the standard 12-tone equal-tempered musical system. It covers approximately five octaves and is commonly tuned in fourths, except for between the 2nd and 3rd strings, which are tuned in a third. Commonly used as both a backing and a lead instrument in almost every style of modern music.

2. An istrument, which many pick up, but rarely learn to play properly. Most people who play guitar do not know musical theory, which is needed to properly harmonize chords and melodies and create diverse musical patterns, which is needed to produce music that is pleasing to the ear.
Tommy played a chord progression on his guitar for an audience of his friends.
by Tyler February 25, 2003
A device, when used in combination with an amplifier, which can be used to scare off neighbours.
Today my neighbours beat me because I played guitar too loud.
by coppertop.tk September 22, 2003
a precision tool with which the skillful ones can make the music this city is built on.
Jimi Hendrix is a guitar GOD.
by J. Michael Reiter January 02, 2005
1. An stringed instrument consisting of 6, 7, or 12 strings (most commonly these, though there are rarer variations) derived from the lute. The guitar is traditionally tuned in perfect fourths, excluding the B to G string interval, which is a major third. Guitars are amplified either through resonance of a hollow or semi-hollow body (which, contrary to popular belief, does not require a soundhole) or the use of magnetic pickups which in turn send an electronic signal to a guitar amplifier. Guitar is found in almost every style of modern music imaginable, and some older European world music as well. Guitar has common applications in jazz, rock, blues, metal, classical, ska, punk, alternative, pop, reggae, funk, and countless other musical (and in some cases, nonmusical) stylings.

2. An instrument which can either be used for good or evil.

Good-In the hands of one pure of heart, the guitar becomes a living, breathing, extension of himself. Through countless hours of practice, studying one's theory, and tapping into his or her own musical center, the guitarist becomes adept at playing and can inspire any emotion in a listener with a single lick.

Evil-In the hands of a corrupt heart, the guitar is a terrible thing to behold. Though it is an unfortunate thing, guitar is mostly used for evil nowadays. An evil guitarist will usually not take time to learn to play, and will use the guitar mainly to try and get girls to like him or play senseless excuses for music with 2 power chords to further propogate the evil music movements we have now.
Man, that guy can really shred...wonder how long he's been playing guitar.
by Ian Davis January 07, 2006
instrument made by God himself and that none of the bands of today can play any good. All of today's bands are full of bitches who cut themselves and cry about their girfriend leavin them like My Chemical Romance. The instrument that people like Jimi Hendrix and other guitarist from his time mastered
Whoa guitarists in famous bands of today suck at guitar unlike bands from a while ago like Metallica.
by Billy Bob Jangles January 10, 2005
The guitar is a personality coming out of six strings.
Nufff said dont you think so?
by lordblazer January 31, 2005
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