A liquid black gold, unlike any other fluid in modern science; a beer that tastes like the springs of heaven and is just as smooth going down. Sets the baseline for beer in Irish pubs.

Not very carbonated, just smooth, chuggable flavor.

Known for the insane show of nirogen acrobatics, while the drinker waits for the holy thick, creamy head of godliness to settle.

Turns fruity men with tight pink shirts into whore-house frequenting lumberjacks; drinking guinness is a sign of pure masculinity.
Ordering Guinness in a true Irish pub: "Pint, please."

Woman: "You're so smooth!"
Kieth Stone: "Not as smooth as a Guinness!"

"Guinness is nasty!"
"Go drink a blue moon and stop whining, pussy!"
by luckotheirish September 11, 2012
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Arthur Guinness was born in 1725, founding the Guinness St James Gate Brewery in 1759, the earliest records of Guinness being in London not being until 1794 and it took till 1936 for the Park Royal Brewery to be opened. Other breweries and bottling facilities were later opened across the world.

Arthur Guinness sadly died in 1799 but the company which he founded was stable, and continued to grow until and no doubt past today.

By 1833 the Guinness brewery was the biggest in Ireland, which is saying something. With the huge influx in Irish emigration to the United States global demands grew, leading to 1910 when it was first bottled in the United States. Irish emigration coupled with Irish drinking culture is also a key reason for American prohibition, but that’s another story.

The commonly associated harp logo wasn’t introduced until 1862, which continues to be a symbol of not only Guinness but Ireland.

By 1914 over 17.5million pints of Guinness were being exported annually. Leading 1929 when Guinness where the first ever British advertisement. And Guinness are still well known for their pioneering advertisements, such as the horses/wave/Ahab.

The Irish culture which was sparked by Guinness can be seen as a major reason for why there was over 1,500 Irish theme bars by 1995 and 2,500 by 1997. in 2001 over a million pints of Guinness were sold a day in Great Britain alone.

The latest chapter in the Guinness story would be the closing of the Park Royal Brewery last year (2004) which for those in the UK means all our Guinness is now made with the filtered water of St James Gate giving a creamier and smoother taste, amen.
2 pints please barkeep
by Paul Lismer February 24, 2005
Guinness is the drink of the gods! It's rich dark colour, amazing taste, and creamy head, make Guinness one of the finest stouts available!
If God drank beer...and he was an alchoholic...and irish...he would prolly drink Guinness!
by preppyguy21 August 29, 2004
The beverage which God bestowed upon the Irish because he didn't want them to rule the world. The greatest drink on earth.
After the rugby match, me and my 'mates drank some Guinness and got some pussy.
by rugbystud114 December 15, 2003

A dark stout beer of Irish origin. It drinks like a meal, thick and consistent.
Another round of Guinness for my brothers!
by Denis Baldwin February 03, 2004
Guinness is an Irish stout beer that has been brewed in the Saint James's Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland since 1756. It is a dark coloured beer with a cremey head. Its taste is quite robust and satisfying.

Guinness also started the Guinness Book of Records after an argument in a pub in 1955. It was sold to Gullane Entertainment in 1997 but they kept the name.
Guinness is my personal favourite beer. If you tour the Guinness Brewery in Dublin you get a free pint at the end of the tour. How sweet is that?!
by Matt September 17, 2005
my fave beer. Mother's milk. the black stuff.
Dude, I am so thirsty. let's pop over to the pub for a pint of guinness
by thebigcurve May 15, 2005
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