A groupie, except for members of a fraternal order.
Pam: Those Shriners look so sexy in their fezzes!
Barb: Pam, you're such a Guinevere!

At the parade's end, all the Kiwanis were met by their families and Guineveres.
by Shevek0506 April 05, 2009
Top Definition
A fun, loveing, athletic chick. Usually has a great sense of humor and can make anyone laugh. Usually a very strongly opinionated person. Usually very popular and has lots of friends and lots of admirers. Normally, extremely beautiful and striking to the opposite sex with great facial and body features. Usually very intelligent but at times can be slow, or have trouble understanding things. A very memorable person. Very sweet, but very strong phisically and mentally so don't get on her bad side. Definitely a person you want in your life, and the kinda person you want to be liked by.
by anonymous444444444 August 05, 2011
a beautiful, caring person who will always always have your back and can keep a secret
best friend type, girlfriend type, guinevere
by (: (: (: (: (:(: January 28, 2011
The perfect dream girl. The kind of girl that's on your mind all night. The kind of girl worth losing sleep over. Has a smile that you would do anything to see.
That girl is a total Guinevere.
by DabKing710 August 13, 2014
A girl who, while she is a lovely person, is constantly cockblocking people, typically without realizing it. (Can simply be referred to as "Gwen." Male cockblockers are referred to as "Agravaine" or "Uther.")
Merlin Fan #1: I swear Merlin and Arthur were about to kiss in that last scene, but then Gwen walked in and ruined the moment.
Merlin Fan #2: Dammit Guinevere, you're such a cockblocker!
by Mehhrlin December 07, 2011
A woman who will sleep with your best friend then ride off with him out of the country.

See slut.
Launcelot- Wan't to leave your husband and ride off to France?

Guinevere- Sure!
by God981 January 18, 2010
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