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A guinea is a person that belongs to the Guinea organisation which originated in the country congo. these people are fashioned with pouting lips. Guineas are extremly rare beings and very unpopular for the most part. Guineas are slow minded and often have speach impediments such as stuttering, the inability to laugh, and a quiet muffled sounding voice overall. guinea can also be used as an insult as the actual guinea has become so unpopular. therefore people who are unpopular or social out casts can often be referred to as Guineas.
Guy 1:God tom is such a weirdo
Guy 2: Yeah man hes a proper guinea
by GUINEA MAC April 18, 2008
51 85
An ethnic slur for Italian-Americans. The word lost all derogatory connotations about a century ago, except for ambiguously white kids with identity issues who decided to cling to an ethnicity they neither belong to or know anything about (see guido). These are usually the idiots who consider Italian to be a separate race.
He's a fat, worthless guinea.
by C19 April 14, 2008
76 110
A derogatory terminology primarily invented by the racist American anglo-saxon race referring to the majority of Italian immigrants(southern Italians) that arrived in America during the early 20th century. Most southern Italians were short and darker skinned drawing comparisons to the Guinean people of the country of Guinea in West Africa. They too, were shorter than most normal Africans and a had lighter complexions(high yellow/caramel) very similar to southern italians.
You should'nt call a real Italian a guinea because you will pay for it one way mor another!
by Foogazee August 17, 2006
38 77
ballin' ass shit, son
Mike: Guinea better mean ballin' ass shit.
Prof: It does.
Mike: Well good.
by Professor Tom Tharp May 01, 2008
1 41
besides the racist slur, it's also an african country. the slur doesn't make sense actually, since guinea means "woman" in it's native tounge. anyway, it's a former french colony that actually won its independence through refurendum, not revolution. howwever, it's been failed coup after fail coup for the last 15 years due to terrible gov't. it's now considered a failed state.
the nation of guinea is considered a failue by the world band
by Ben E. Hama February 01, 2007
12 55
Lowest term used to name an Italian....NOT A SICILIAN, that is a whole different story. Equivilent to the "N" word, not nice.
Look at that dumb Guinea ova there.
by Sicilian Princess April 26, 2006
32 75
a racial slur against an italian or italian-american. correcting a definition made previously, italian-americans DO call eachother this occasionaly just like black people use the "n**ga" with eachother. i am italian-american and i do not get offended when i am called this by my otha italian friends but it is pretty insulting when someone not italian says this. so if ur not italian DO NOT USE THIS WORD!

Italian To Italian:

Tony: Heeey! wuts goin on guinea man?!?

Rick: Nuthin much.

Non-Italian To Italian:

Patrick: Heeey! wuts goin on guinea?

Rick: wtf man i will beat ur ass if u say that again!
by tha mann January 19, 2007
17 61