an offensive term for Italians used by neo-nazis like Lars. Italians are not hairy and they are a cultured people. It is assholes like Lars that are the pigs. If anyone is a disgrace to whites, it's rednecks like him. Besides, Italians are not white, they are their own race. Most proud Italians that don't bow down to dicks like Lars consider themselves non-whites and are proud to not be a part of that lame race.
People that call Italians hairy guineas have obviously never seen a real Italian. We're incredibly sexy.
by I am here April 19, 2005
The Italian equivalent of calling a black guy a porch monkey I,E one of the most infuriating and insulting thing one could call an Italian
You swamp guineas are all the same, go wash the grease from your hair( after saying this area your in will be swarming with this "guinea"'s cultural brothers who will all proceed to kick your ignorant ass)!
#itailans #wop #greaseball #brotherhood #mother land
by bob boberton April 17, 2015
A slur against Italians. Like the country Guinea. It means that Italians are really niggers. Italy was invaded by the Moors who were black Africans. They invaded all of Southern Italy. Italy has been everybody's bitch at some point. They were also invaded by the Saracens, Carthaginians & the Greeks. This is why Guineas steal and are fags.
Hey look at that stupid guinea acting all white he was just stealing hub caps yesterday like all niggers.
#wop #guinea #dago #ginzo #greaseball #greaser
by Taiman October 14, 2008
An extreamily racist qord that if any one ever calls me id blow their fucking brains out... racist towards italians... mostly people from southern italy, sicily or corsica... thats where im from :) some italians call each other guineas, but its not as bad as a non- italian...
You fat guinea bum, get the fuck outa here...
#italy #sicily #corsica #guns #mobster
by Assassino italiano April 02, 2009
the worst thing you can call an Italian. it's like the Italian equivalent for the N word. say it and i will hunt you down.
yeah, because you're a spoilt guinea.
by Azzi January 08, 2004
a slur toward italians
u say it (guinea) asshole u better run cuss ur ass is going to be used in my garden as fertilizer since ur nothing better than shit
#greaseball #wop #italian #nigga #slur
by Italian Bitch April 27, 2008
An ethnic slur for Italian-Americans. The word lost all derogatory connotations about a century ago, except for ambiguously white kids with identity issues who decided to cling to an ethnicity they neither belong to or know anything about (see guido). These are usually the idiots who consider Italian to be a separate race.
He's a fat, worthless guinea
#italian #ginzo #dago #dego #guinea #ginny #guinnea #greaseball #slur #ethnicity
by C19 April 15, 2008
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