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A marvelous Italian-American male who has style and pizzaz, among great personality and warmth twards others. Generaly wears dress clothes and sweat suits, which are both comfortable and stylish, as well as keeping a traditional look. They listin to Dean Martin and other great oldies music. You can find one eating a conolly or pizza. The best guidos are from bensonhurst Brooklyn, but the ones in Jersey are good aswell.
guidos are fantastic human beings.
by anthony lom. November 28, 2005
51 257
A guido is a hot italian with a blowout who girls such as myself find irresistably attractive. They hang out in clubs and they have blowouts. A guido always has his hair done in a blowout and wears clothes that probably cost as much as some people's cars. They drive BMW's. They are hot peices of ass.
A guido is someone like John Gotti Agnello. However, since he himself is way too unnatainable, take a trip to Seaside, NJ or Wildwood, NJ sometime in the summer. Go to the boardwalk at night. Take a look around. Yeah. That's them.
by barbara * October 25, 2005
46 256
The best fuckin people. Description of a Guido...

1. We Italian or Sicilian. (the tan ones, not the white ones)
2. Clothes are a mix of gangsta & prep.
3. We friends with all the gangstaz & preps.
4. We have a taper hair-cut with heavy gel.
5. We stay fresh, build body, shaved body.
6. Always chillin at clubs, the mall, or anywhere public.
7. Reside mostly in Brooklyn, Queens, Newark, and around there.
8. Most importantly, we got mad bitchez on our dicks.
Why do white people always hate on Guidos? I know why, becuz they jelous motha fuckaz who cant get pussy.
by GenzoNYC March 03, 2006
52 347
These guys are actually a lotta fun to hang around, they joke around and they're usually very funny, but their style is indeed tacky... they act all tough and some make comments about non-whites, which is funny because a lot of the time they tend to try to look/act Puerto Rican and even black but still try to pick up on their women.
A good example of a Guido would be some guy I knew who drove a drop-top Miata with a lil Italian flag on one side and an American flag on the other. He also had a Italian flag tattooed on his arm, over kill anyone?
by jess April 17, 2005
66 609