well i just have to say im a big gina! i wear puma, abercrombie n fitch armani, and i do striaghten my hair n lsiten to techno, but that dosnt mean im a whore and a bad person like all you people desrcribe us to be.....just cause we dress nice, are rich, get alot of attention and may be a bit stuck up at time isnt always bad.....were nice people...ave friends....and a life....everyone is just jealous because we get what we want....but heres what a gino looks like.....mostly wearing puma or diesel shoes....nice pants that rnt too tight but are a bit.....a buttoned down shirt thats buttoened down a bit too much and most likely wearing a gold chain or a wife beater for all too se....has ALOT of gel in his extremely long spiked up or geled back hair..and most of all most ginos are HOTTT...so next time u hear loud techno ...(sara perche ti amo..etc)...and a nice bwm or honda civic...olook at the driver..he'll msotly be a hot ass gino with me in the passenger seat...dont worry..be jealous;)
THE GOTTIS!!!! carmine john and frankie r the hottest guys int he world..and if u wanna see a guido/gino look at them!
by Maria<3 August 05, 2006
The hottest things ever to be on this earth!!! Slamming bodys and nice tans. How can anyone not like them they are so hot!!! All those guido haters are just jealous. Only italians can be guidos.
Look at how hot that guido is!!!
by Alyssa smith December 23, 2006
A guido...let me expalin, is a way of life. It's just not any SOB with a fuckin blowout. Its not just any poser with an armani exchange shirt...that doesnt mean shit. The true guido's are the true italian, born and raised...who go to the club and parties because THEY want to, who wear the expense clothes because THEY want to, who drive the nice cars because THEY want to...not because it fits into the ever so popular growing "guido" trend. They try to look better than the average scrub. They work hard and play harder. You are who you are, if that is naturally YOU, then you are a TRUE guido.
I consider myself a guido, because its who i am, not who i want to be.
by Gaspare October 25, 2005
First of all the only way that you can be considered a Guido is to be Italian and only Italian. People throw it around as a derogatory term but it is not always like that. Yes they have a blowout with alot of gel in their hair and yes they wear chains and shirts that actually fit a person instead of the ones that are so big that they look like they are wearing a dress...yes most of them are from New York or the Tri-state area and they do have a New York accent...Most of them do drive nice cars with the bangin system, which everyone else who is NOT a Guido sweats...so before anyone goes and tries to talk shit about bein a Guido, it's probably because they subconsciouslly wish that they had everything that the typical Guido has.
I am a Gudio...I am from New York...My hair is gelled up...I drive that nice car with that bangin system...My clothes primarily consist of Armani Exchange, where each one consists of about $35 per shirt where your clothes are probably from wal-mart...so before you go and talk trash, jus realize that your probably wanting to be jus like us...the ones who have what they want...
by "That NY Guido" April 09, 2005
a pair of man tits so large you basically could go out to a corner and stand there with your leg out, get picked up and start getting felt up. MJ loves these, they keep him warm at night and they are like two pillows.
"dude i used pex just for you, cause you know i like you and i wouldn't want to insult your guidos hanging in your shirt."
by SexPanther#2 April 16, 2008
Judging by the previous definitions, a guido must be someone who inspires a lot of haters. These haters have probably had their girlfriends stolen by a guido who actually goes to a gym and takes care of himself. It probably happened at a bar where the guido was actually having a good time dancing while the unshowered white-bread boyfriend (from Ohio with no rhythm who thinks he is a New Yorker because he has been here 3 years) was off in the corner complaining about Bridge and Tunnel people coming into the city and wishing he had downloaded that way too cool new obscure alt-rock/retro 80s (undanceable) song on his iPod.
I have no culture, ethnic food, family loyalty or rhythm of my own where I am from in Bumble F@ck USA so I make fun of guidos and pretend to be a hip New Yorker.
by Juan Cazador July 23, 2004
a handsome italian male who gets insulted alot by jealous american dickheads.
Yo look at dat guido!

(thinks to himself: I wish i could be like him)
by the true italian August 16, 2005
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