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Abbreviation, or rather a lazy form of the English word 'Good'.

PS: Usually used by users from South East Asia.
<Shinosuke Wow.. gud day isnt it?
<Person1> YOU again, leave me alone!
<Shinosuke okok.. bye.
by Shinosuke May 13, 2004
Cunt of an woman or vagina or pussy
Eso na so langto hoye, norom kore tomar gud mari.
Ei tomar gude ektu chudte dao na.
by hidden g April 29, 2006
Maggir phuto
Gud marbo maggi
by bangladeshi November 13, 2003
in west bengal the word "gud" or "gud marbo" means fucking a girl/women in her vagina,cunt

"tor bou er gud marbo tor samne"..(i will fuck ur wife in front of you)
"tor bonke chude tor boner gud mere debo re madarchod"
"tor ma er gud mari sala rendir baccha"..
"ami tor boudir gud marbo"
"ami amar boudir gud marte chai"
these are very insulting & abusive languages that are being used with the word "gud"
gud, dhongudi,chut,nunu,fuddi,futo,magir futo,chutmarani,gudi,magi
by boudirgudchata December 28, 2011
More than merely being a typo/contraction of "Good", this refers to a sort of unthinking, irrational pleasure, such as a euphoric high induced by drugs.
"Omg i smoekd 20 bags of weed today i feel so gud", said the stoner in the internet chatroom, before staggering off to start his 21st.
by Pepsiman April 27, 2011
short term lingo for the word 'Good'
"I'm moving to florida!"
by mcdonaldzz December 21, 2011
A derogatory phrase that combines the word "Gay" and "Jud"

Usually used to describe an individual that is creepy, socially/physically akward, fascist and most importantly extremely gay.
God that dude was being such a gud at the party last night. He was standing there alone in the corner just staring at people and breathing heavily.

That kid is such a gud he has no friends.
by Y_ams June 03, 2016
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