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Lips so crusty that they need a bottle of olive oil to moisten them up.
eeew, you see that dude? He got a bad case of Gucci Mane Lips, better get him some chapstick or lip gloss or olive oil or something!
by zaradee August 18, 2009
182 22
Lips that look like you need a life-time supply of chap stick just to last you one day without your your lips crumbling apart; Leather Lips.
Radric: What's happenin!
Otis: Dayum! Fuck Whoopi Goldberg yo ass got them Gucci Mane Lips...
Radric: Shhiiiiittt... You got some carmex?
Otis: Yo ugly ass gon need more than that!
by ZigZa Goon July 24, 2009
309 49