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Scummy guys from Guatamala who live next door. They think all redheads are Lindsay Lohan.
Those damn guatos are screaming "It's Lindsay Lohan" out the window to my redheaded friend again.
by messicka December 29, 2011
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They're like mexicans, except shorter. Deprived from the word Guatamalan. Such persons are often employed in roofing and/or landscaping to improve the agriculture and shelter for those of us that didn't illegally hop the border. Guatos tend to hit on anything that appears to have titties and sport funky 80's haircuts with walmart clothing and crusty toes.
That dirty guato is carressing my grass and eyeing my dog.
by the name's linh June 20, 2006
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a guatemalian someone from guatemala
i got mad so i said fuck the guatos.
by al joiashawoeianghao April 01, 2007
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