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A general term or nickname for someone who is a member of a colorguard or winterguard (sports involving dance with props, specifically flags, rifles, sabres, and batons; usually found with marching bands and drum corps). Can be used for female and male members. Is an alternative to "flagger."

Guardie is the more appropriate term for a colorguard member, rather than the derrogatory term, "flaggot".
"The high school has its cheerleaders, poms, and guardies like any other high school has as well."

"Me and my guardies are going to hit up the WGI show next week."

"Hey, it may have been years since I've spun, but once a guardie, always a guardie."
by RaCzarina January 23, 2010
noun. An individual who is not only involved in the sport of colorguard, but who constantly obsesses over whether count three is straight up or on the forty-five. These individuals also frequently spin and toss inappropriate objects such as golf clubs and tennis raquets. Guardies participate in both outdoor and indoor seasons and shriek when a colorguard or greater skill is mentioned.
That guardie never stops twirling her pencil.
by Carolyn Vitale July 29, 2006