the best F'n game ever
this gta game is the best fucking game ever.
by LLPD February 08, 2005
Grand Theft Auto
1. The act of stealing a car.

2. A bitchin', though heavily overhyped game series from Rockstar Games.

3.The favorite violent-behavior scrape goat for the media and people involved in murder cases.
1. We've got ya' for grand theft auto

2. Hey, did you get the new GTA?

3. GTA made out son kill that hooker! It certainly wasn't his fault that the baseball bat hit her in the face!
by Keaton Prower February 24, 2005
short for word "gotta"
I gta go shoppin for sum new jeans!
by goober January 02, 2005
Any of the 4 or 5 Grand Theft Auto games.
"did you play gta last night?"
by marcotte March 10, 2003
(v), to steal something.
dude, that guy GTAed our beer!
by tyler mancini September 05, 2005
A Largely Overhyped and Overrated Series Of Games, Made By Rockstar and Later Rockstar North. Consists Of Being A Man Who Is Employed By A Bunch Of Assorted Crime Bosses To Do Exactly The Same Missions From The Other Games. It Adds A Small Difference Between The Last Game. San Andreas Isd Slightly Different In The Way You Eat and Change The Way You Look y Becoming Fat and Having Hair Cut and Clothes Changed Etc. Often Owned By Chavs Who Are Too Scared To Actually Go Through With Nicking Cars. The Novelty Of These Games Wears Away After You Complete All The Missions As All is Left Is Stupid Taxi Missions Etc. Doesn't Deserve The Accolade It Gets When There Are A World Of Games Well Above It.
Kid Buys Next GTA - OMFG! You Can Have A Couple New Weapons and Drive A Few New Vehicles...and You Can Swim Faster, and Still Blast Peoples Heads Off.

Me - You Do Realise That Its Effectively A Carbon Copy Of The Last Game With A Few New Added Features...The Missions You Do Are The Same Accept The Names Of The Characters Are Changed?


Me - : Blinks.. :: Indeed :: Pimp Slaps Kid and Walks Off. ::
by Ryuji Yamazaki January 17, 2005

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