1. A really cool game series where you play as CJ. An O.G. from Los Santos. Most of the game play and hype revolves around the fact that you can jack basicly any car, bike, helicoptor, airplane. Shoot any person, policeman, citizen, mobster, or gangster. Blamed to have caused many REAL GTA sprees as well as school shooting and Porn content (ie. Hot Coffe MOD).

2. The act of stealing at least more than one car. Probably within a short amount of time.
1. I flunked all my tests cause I played GTA till 3AM.

2. I stole 5 cars in a week and was arrested for GTA.
by EQUIN0X October 26, 2006
A crime for theft of vehicles. ( GRAND THEFT AUTO)

A game made by Rockstar productions that is releasing a new game in late october, "GTA: san andreas"

29th Oct 2004 (UK)
26th Oct 2004 (US)
"He got arrested for GTA"

"GTA san andreas is going to PwN!"
by i h8 al qaeda October 25, 2004
Grand Turismo Addiction.
The addiction of the popular video game grand turismo.
"Bob will the get off that f**king PS2! Your exam is in 5 MINUTES!!"
"I can't mum, i've got GTA."
by ItsAadam January 03, 2009
1.The pimpist game ever to hit stores made for the PS2 gameconcle, computer, and now X box.

2Short for Grand Theft Auto a crime commited when a car is stolen
I was shootin up some nigga's on gta last night.

Elizan's in the slamer for gta.
by Tom Kaiser April 14, 2004
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