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1. (Abbreviation) Grand Theft Auto, a crime which involves the stealing of vehicles.
2. (Abbreviation) Grand Theft Auto, a video game in which you play as a law breaker.
3. (Abbreviation) Grab That Ass, what you are thinking when you see that hot girl.
1. Did you hear about Henry? He just convicted for GTA.
2. Were you at the midnight release for GTA V?
3. Damn! Did you see that chick? I so want to GTA!
by Nah I'm Cool November 18, 2013
1 0
A very poular and awsome game made by Rockstar Games. Though a low life ambulance chaser down in Florida tries to stop it from beeing produced, this only leeds him to a world wide hate from all GTA fans.
Damn, that stupid douchbag JT can go fu*k himself. GTA forever!
by AjaxWarrior January 31, 2008
10 10
Get That Ass.
Damn that chick is fine i gotta GTA !
by DominiqueAshly May 24, 2013
2 4
Contrary to popular belief, GTA is a car. It is not Grand Theft Auto. It is the top end of the Pontiac Trans Am suited with a 350 TPI or a 305 TPI. It rocked T-Tops and over 200hp in the 80's (Third Gen) It was just behind the Corvettes of the time, and it was better than the I-ROCZ's. It was the fastest F-Body
-Dude, that firebird ripped up your Honda!

-That wasn't a firebird that was a goddamn GTA
by Drafting November 07, 2008
15 18
The long spanning game series, consisting of GTA, GTA 2, GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas. The first two (ant GTA London) are in top-down perspective nad the last three are 3D. Because in 2D you can't show anything very...bad..., they didn't get much attention from all sorts of crappy citizens, like soccer moms and lawyers nad other life-to-shit makers. The last three oparts, however, got much agression from before mentioned elemnts of society. It was blamed for porn, rise in crime and stuff. all this bikering and blabering only made a good advertising chamopaign. The game itself evolves in doing jobs for local criminals while using cars and guns in progress. while not on a mission, lot of people like to make fun by stealing cars (hence, Grand Theft Auto) and doing funny stuff with it. IMHO, can attract delusional kids to crime.
Soccer moms are a constant object of jokes in the radio of GTAs, just listen to WCTR (San Andreas) and VCPR(Vice city).
Vice city is also regarded as the best part of the series, despite the cool stuf in SA. I myself agree to the fact that VC plot is more interesting.
by JcDent June 12, 2006
20 25
Get That Ass, Gettin that ass
A: Damn bro imma smash that
C: HAHAH too bad imm alredy GTA!
by BryceisGTA(original) November 07, 2010
4 11
1. A really cool game series where you play as CJ. An O.G. from Los Santos. Most of the game play and hype revolves around the fact that you can jack basicly any car, bike, helicoptor, airplane. Shoot any person, policeman, citizen, mobster, or gangster. Blamed to have caused many REAL GTA sprees as well as school shooting and Porn content (ie. Hot Coffe MOD).

2. The act of stealing at least more than one car. Probably within a short amount of time.
1. I flunked all my tests cause I played GTA till 3AM.

2. I stole 5 cars in a week and was arrested for GTA.
by EQUIN0X October 26, 2006
18 26