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A montage of good times that can often be found in romantic comedy movies. Indicates the passage of time through events such as eating ice cream, chasing butterflies, or going to a baseball game. May involve a couple with a budding relationship, or a group of friends.

Like a date, the gt montage can take a turn for the worse when a person involved makes a strange comment or does something odd. This turns the gt montage into an "awkward montage".
Caitlin: Do you want to have a gt montage?
Jaret: Sure!
(They eat ice cream, chase butterflies, and go to a baseball game as their relationship blooms.)
Jaret: Hypothetically, would you still love me if I was actually lean and muscular?
Caitlin: (laughs) No, of course not! I only hang out with you because you make me look thin in comparison.
Jaret: ...Oh.
(They have an awkward montage.)
by GHS Drama Club June 27, 2007
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