Grunt is an acronym used during WW2 for troops who had no formal training, or skills. G-general, R-replacement, UNT-untrained,...GRUNT, as they had no special training, they were given rifles and sent to the front.
Grunts do all the fighting.
by Paul Manning August 06, 2003
Awesome. Hardcore. Intense. Wicked. Inspiring.
That rock concert was totally grunt!
by Trent_Malk September 24, 2010
greasy gross vagina (cunt)
She has a grunt or she is a grunt
by SuperSpaz September 24, 2009
A combination of the word "grumpy" and the slang term "cunt". In other words "grumpy cunt."
Nah, I can't go to the dance, my mom's bein' a grunt.
by luap42 March 10, 2008
an old person who makes grunting sounds when you move them.
Move a "grunt" from their Nursing home bed to the gurny.
by Kokopelliaz July 29, 2007
1. infantryman in the US Army
2. any Soldier. sometimes derogatory.
I hate walking into a bar and seeing a bunch of grunts.
by theunknowngl October 16, 2004
Someone who get's all the shit jobs and is proud of it. Normal humans ("civilians" or cattle) think it is a joke to call someone a grunt but they have no idea.
He can't make that kind of decision, he's just a grunt - no offence.

None taken.
by Gruntboy September 12, 2003

Government Reject Unfit for Normal Training
Oi you fucking plant life , you are a grunt !
by LondonDaz March 17, 2008

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