Grunt is an acronym used during WW2 for troops who had no formal training, or skills. G-general, R-replacement, UNT-untrained,...GRUNT, as they had no special training, they were given rifles and sent to the front.
Grunts do all the fighting.
by Paul Manning August 06, 2003
The weakest of the Covenant, also the cutest ^-^
"Little people first!!!!" ~ random Grunt
by Dirge January 30, 2005
The little creatures in all of the Halo (X Box) games. They have what looks like cones on their heads and scream various sayings when dying
"Oh man, so many grunts everywhere, I had to use all my grenades and they STILL weren't all dead"

"Those damn grunts, so annoying"
by Bejungles.x October 27, 2009
someone that work's for someone regardless their position in a company. Usually a white collar worker that drinks allot of coffee to get through the day and spends about 6 hours at work on Facebook instead of doing tasks for his company and counts down to Friday every week.

Someone usually in the morning on the highway driving like zombie fighting with traffic.
Tom is such a grunt, his BBM status changes to WHOO TGIF every friday.
by super cool adam from toronto August 20, 2011
food, something to eat; grunting: the work first used to to describe the act of eating originating in rural upstate New York; often associated with diner food and greasy spoons.
Hey, let's get some grunts at the diner. Let's grunt down on some over easys.
Mama Miehe, we got to grunt down fast....
by youaintwrong August 28, 2009
Grunts are U.S. Army soldiers. The word "Grunt" is used in a similer fashion to "Jarhead" for the Marine Corps.

In recent times, Grunt is used to refer to an Army soldier of the combat arms branches, being Infantry ("Grunt"), Armor ("Tanker"), and Cavalry Scout ("Girl Scout") although it is still understood to mean the Army in general.
At that last range, the Grunts practiced marksmanship. We did paperwork.
by ImAGrunt January 11, 2007
*A type of grumbling noise made on certain occassions, such as being hit by something, or being exasperated, etc.

*An ordinary soldier.

*Synonym for ape, a person of low intelligence.
"I grunt when I have to shit."

"Infantrymen of the US Army and USMC are grunts. Unless their special forces."
by Dave September 13, 2004
something one must do while trying to poop when constipated.
I told the constipated girl on the toilet to grunt.
by x September 19, 2003
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