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Dirty. But not just dirty. Army boot dirty. Men's room floor dirty.
Geez, that tee is fuckin' grungy. Don't wash it, just burn it.
by mohanchous September 11, 2005
66 20
very dirty, but in a weird, way totally hot!
He is so grungy, but he is so hot!
by Rainy heaven November 03, 2008
40 24
A mixture of grunge and hippie all glued together with drugs mucis and green things =]
"come meet the Grungies. Theyre going on a Green Peace parade"
by sickass dissa October 08, 2007
9 2
Preceder (earlier version) of the word grunge.
Your ripped pants make you look as grungy as hell.
by bloopsomething December 22, 2008
16 14
old, funky-asss drawers
Damn, dawg! Change your damn grungies! I can smell em from over here!
by Nate June 03, 2003
5 15