NOT somebody who likes Avril Lavigne.
--Two random townie girls were randomly walking in a random park one random day--
Shiniqua: So..what are we doing here?
Nicky: Having a fag, innit?
Shiniqua: But you're pregnant babes.
Nicky: Really?
Shiniqua: yep.
Nicky: How bloody stereotypical
Shiniqua: That's..kinda the point
Nicky: Oh, right then
*out of nowhere Avril Lavigne appears*
Avril Lavigne: Mwhahaha
Nicky: A- grunger?
Shiniqua: *hyperventilates* she's wearing black!!!
Nicky: Noooo *faints even though she's a hard townie, innit*
Avril Lavigne: Boo?
Shiniqua: Ahhh. *faints on top of Nicky*
-Random townie male jumps out of bush-
Kev: Wickkked! Its Nicky! And Shiniqua! On top of each other!
Avril Lavigne: *blinks* helllooo? You're like totally meant to be like scared of me, cos I'm like totally different!
Kev: Oh. Right then. *melts into a puddle of scaredness*
Avril Lavigne: BWHAHAHA everybody fears meh! {yes, meh}
*Grunger skates {its MEANT to be stereotypical damnit!} on the scene, listenign to music*
Avril Lavigne: Yo! Sk8r Boi! Fear meh!
Grunger: ...
Avril Lavigne: TOWNIE! You're not listening to my music and I am so puNK rAwK!!11 You can't be grunge and NOT listen to my music.
Grunger: ... You know you're not really.
Avril Lavgine: I AM! Look I can skate and EVERYBODY who is grunge skates!
Grunger: *rolls eyes*
Avril: *grabs skateboard*
*attempts to skate*
*topples off*
Grunger: Whoops. Oh well. *leaves*
--A whole bunch of ten year olds with blunt studs from Claire's Accessories and wearing t-shirts saying "punk" in pink glittery letters come mourn.--
(Lol enjoy the story?)
by One more time with feeling October 17, 2004
someone who have individuality instead of gay fu*k up townies who are illbred and have their heads so far up each others asses they dont know if it is day or night.Grungers listen to good bands instead of shite like drum and bass and pop crap.Grungers could not give a toss about anything.reemember these names cuz 1 day we will be in a grunge band:M A COPSON;T P DEWHURST;J DENISON and S SPARTLY.
R U a grunger?

Yes now piss off u gay pikey
by Michael Copson November 28, 2003
a grunger at least on the surface is somebody who minds their own business smokes their own weed/hash and is fairly happy until cries of greebo or 'grunger boi' by the local burberry-wearing faschists upset everything. this however does not define grunge, (nor indeed does kurt cobain) these chavs are 'but fleas annoying a glorious tiger'.
(also anyone who wishes to rush to the defense of these people, remember two things 1: THEY started the labelling of people based upon appearance or preferred music and 2: they will thank you for defending them buy spitting in your face and robbing you).
while the word grunger did originate from the US grunge music scene (Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters etc.) the 'subculture' HAS moved on, many grungers could be described as a scruffy golden-virginia-smoking mixture of many other alternitive groups.
Many grungers do scare pensioners with their visual offensiveness but this is usually purely unintentional (also said pensioners should be more scared of the group of sportswear coated yobs waiting around every corner for someone to mug so they can get a 'MaccyDeees bruv innit').
As a grunger myself i am the first to admit we care little for appearances, especially our own, but this may not be in the way you think. first of all clothes are probably bottom of a typical grunger's shopping list, also a strong anti-capitalist streak steers grungers away from the brand name crap with ugly logos slapped on the front (or anywhere really). This leads to a sort of dark hippie/goth/indy/metalhead look; long (not necessarily greasy) hair, torn baggy jeans, often tattered metal band t-shirts, beanie hats, khaki and really worn skate shoes.
Finally as we reach the end of this loooooooong definition i must point out that grungers can skate, listen to whatever music they want and don't have to be in a band or even play an instrument because THAT is what grunge is about freedom from opression inflicted upon society by brain dead nazi-fucks. We don't even really need to define grunge (even though i have spent half an hour doing just that), 'grunge' is what the individual grunger wants it to be.
and in the words of violent J; fuck you if you don't like it rude boy
chav1 : oi giss a fag boi
lone grunger : i don't have any left sorry man
chav2 : at emo iz dissin you usher
lone grunger : seriously your parents called you usher?
chavs2-24 : (simultaniously) INNIT
lone grunger: man thats bad no wonder you've got anger issues i'll leave you alone then.
chav1 : iz u dissin my phat, bangin, blinging bear name bruv?
lone grunger : er sorry what?
by baccy 2 dope May 12, 2006
someone who doesnt want to follow fashion so they think they will be original by copying other people who want to be original who copy other people ect.... this is so hipicritical, if you want to be your self, dont copy other people, DURRRRR
kid: i'm different cause i copy other people

Kid2:i'm not different cause i buy brand names

by Jamie February 13, 2004
one with disregard for all formal fashion and socially according notions. passive in attitude, grunge litterally meaning 'tramp like' therefore dress reflected this, thrift store teeshirts, ripped jeans , flanell shirts, doc martens, hi tops. smoking cigarettes, drug consumption , binge drinking, generally getting oblitterated
music: nirvana, alice in chains, soundgarden, pearl jam, mudhoney, screaming trees, (basically any seattle band that were signed to sub-pop records at the time)
by webber October 12, 2003
Contradiction in itself. A continuous chain of conflicting statements and happenings. Allow me to elaborate:

"We do it to be unique"-Despite the relative fairness in the desire to achieve the aforementioned ideal, the figure stating that on average 25% of school pupils attending secondary schools are indeed "grungers" and furthermore that on average 96% of these individuals grow out of this state of being, indicates that this is merely a collective fad, and one that is hardly unique.

"Goths are peaceful-Chavs aren't"-Ah the old "west side story" bullcrap. Chavs vs Goths. Where is the peace in the lyrics "I smash my face into a mirror" "Lets all kill ourselves" and "My girlfriend dumped me so i slit my wrists". Furthermore confrontation of any sort lacks peace, and no one is whiter than white in almost all confrontation of the like.

"We don't care about how we look"- If such was the case, why go out of your way to look like a stereotypical "grunger". Can you be "grungers" and be allowed to wear a tracksuit? Or a Nike hat? Oh wait that would be "Chavvish" who are of course scum....we aren't hateful by the way..
To summarise-

Grunger+Chav=A load of bollocks Phase that adolescent teenagers appear to be conforming to in order to obtain friends within a certain crowd, thus saving them solidarity. The resolution? The whole fucking fad shit being ended....but I'm scum for suggesting such a thing...
by mohican the greek August 09, 2005
my definition is someone who likes "grunge" (which started out as a fusion of heavy metal and punk rock)music, and as a general rule wears baggy clothes and as people who seem to knw what their talking about pointed out, some "grunger" girls will dress in a more riot grrl style(riot grrl being a sorta political/feminist spin-off of grunge is my understanding),also,i could be called a grunger but me and my friends are some of the girliest girls i know!.although i have critisisms of townies/townie music, i dont see the point in pigeonholing a whole group(townie OR grunger)as i have townie friends who are just as nice as anyone else, as well as knowing some EVIL "grungers"(and some townie music isnt CRAP, i just dont like it)i think people do this to try and strengthen their own alliance to a group.but id like to point out im not convinced by all this "im just me,im above labels" stuff, it just seems pretty phoney and stuck up to me.thank you.pixie
"ooh theres a grunger, lets shout verbal abuse, we got nothin better to do innit"
"ooh im such a grunger, i wear black"
"ooh im so mature and superior since i grew out of my grunger phrase"
by pixie January 19, 2004
Falls into two catergories:

1)the alternative. this one listens to music that townies do not listen to. have a genuine sense of what is good music and good style. shops in one legged jockey because of clothes that look good, fit well. still has some pride in appearance and washes hair more than once a week. dont white out after one spliff. will be friends with anyone.

2) the wannabe. listens to slipknot and thinks is great because you cant understand what they are saying. the heavier the drums the better, much like the townie affection for a heavy bass line. shops in one legged jockey because "everyone else does". determined to wash as litle as possible in order to maintain "individuality". smokes a cigarette and claims they are hallucinating. Hates all townies and discriminates against them as badly as they are discriminated against.

These are the less severe versions of goths, who are seen as self harming druggies who like nothing better than suicide and unhappiness.
Type 2) "I am a grunger because i cant possibly have any friends or shampoo at home. i must also try my hardest to be random and differnt from everyone else."
by bexi November 26, 2004
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