A way of life, living without care, not giving a fucking shit. Main stream describes it as a music genre but really most people who are grunge listen to alternative music mostly, along with rock metal and punk. Most of the style came from the west coast, Seattle being a major input but also Cali and Nevada helped with large populations of grunge.

Some of you almost got it. But the rest of you... Go fuck yourself, you will never get it.
Living a grunge lifestyle you do a lot less laundry.
by mental terrorist January 15, 2013
a subculture of punk, as is goth. It is a main mix of punk and metal. Some people say it's similar to goth, but they are both unique either way.
the vines
by zee February 07, 2004
(get it?)
nirvana: kurt cobain, david grohl and krist novoselic
by WOO July 27, 2004
Blatant rip-off of the UK's great punk scene by where it was deemed o.k for students the world over to avoid washing, dye their hair purple, be depressed and go on and on about the world owing them a fucking living. Thank fuck it died on it's arse. Boooring.
Grunge = new punk?

Yeah right.
by Fin November 14, 2004
The most gay music ever. The whole scene killed 80's metal, witch actaully had talent. I mean seriously thanks to gay bands like nirvana , alice in chains and janes addciton, we wouldnt of had that problem. And if grunge wasnt formed then i dont think we would have gay genres today like scremo or emo. So I blame grunge for the death of 80's metal and how singing about how they hate life so much can over power singing about having a good time. And the issue with listening to three power chords over real solos and actuall chords and shit.
Grunge guy: holy shit nirvanas playing tonight

Metal guy: Fuck nirvana i rather go see the skid row concert tonight
by TheClairvoyant April 09, 2007
Another crappy genre of modern crappy rock.You can't tell one band from the next because they all sound so similar.Nirvana was the only grunge band worth a fuck.
Yup grunge sucked just like hair metal sucked and just like nu metal sucked and just like emo sucks now.
by fucking wankers October 07, 2005
1. basically crap
2. basically crappy music listened to by liberal jerkholes all about "ooooooh my life is so depressing....its all about me .....im such a cockyassed bitch who only cares about myself......cry" They pride themselves in saying that they brought an end to hair metal but hey they didnt. Hair Metal's downfall was for the most part internal. They kinda killed themselves see my definition for hair metal
Grunge kid: Life sucks so im going to listen to my depressing music
METAL HEALTH!: you jerk its all about you isnt it you pussyassed bitch stop whining about your goddamn life al the time
by METAL HEALTH! September 06, 2005
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