A way of life, living without care, not giving a fucking shit. Main stream describes it as a music genre but really most people who are grunge listen to alternative music mostly, along with rock metal and punk. Most of the style came from the west coast, Seattle being a major input but also Cali and Nevada helped with large populations of grunge.

Some of you almost got it. But the rest of you... Go fuck yourself, you will never get it.
Living a grunge lifestyle you do a lot less laundry.
by mental terrorist January 15, 2013
The tarry deposit left in a marijuana pipe or other smoking device
Joe cleaned the grunge out of his bong.
by Joe May 13, 2003
A mix of punk, metal and other good stuff. Kids that dont care what they look like, but do like smoking marijuana
Kurt Cobain....enough said
by sarah February 26, 2005
a distortion that was used into guitars in the late 80s and mid. 90s. this distortion was so creative that it made some of the best bands people ever see.
it was said that Nirvana created grunge but they only put it on the billboard music awards. It fell into deep sleep after kurt cobain was shot( there is evedince against courtney love murdered him) then its last step into sleep was when the lead singer for alice in chains died after a over dose.
nirvana is the god of grunge but there are other bands out there. I myself is starting a grunge band check out our myspace our grunge bands name is Time will tell.
guy: hey u like grunge
other guy: yea I think it sucks kurt died
other guy: wonder wh got him high then wrote a fake deathnote with the courtney loves hand writing
guy: she made grunge sleep
by Michael eskew January 05, 2008
Genre of music.
"Psuedo crappy music made by people in adverse weather condtion." The people of a grunge band are required to wear flannel, have long hair, scrappy beards, and the lead singer cannot make sense when he sings. The era of grunge went from 1992-1994. During the era many things from Seattle, the origin of grunge, had started to bloom all over. The era ended when Seattle was not the only city to have a Starbucks ever 1/3 of a mile.
Nirvana is the supreme band of grunge rock.
by Phd12741 August 29, 2004
sum really kool music wich broke the dancefloor in 1989 and has at least some influence on some rock band today grunge was a kind of metal with punk vocals so it is a mix beetwen the offsping and slayer really so you cant like grunge wihtout liking metal and punk.
fake grunger. look at me im wearing me nirvana hoodie.
real grunge fan. hi mate check out me nirvan hoodie my metallica wristbands and my chucks.
by metal head grunge pants September 26, 2006
Depressing, loud, self-important syle of rock music and dress emerging from the depressing, loud, self-important Seattle scene of the late 1980s. Dominant from the release of Nirvana's Nevermind in 1991 until the suicide of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain in 1994. Grunge musicians and fans seemed deeply opposed to fun, which had long attracted players and listeners to rock music. Grunge bands sounded like Goth music played by a heavy metal band stoned on Robitussin, and they stole their clothes from street junkies, many of whom were actually in Grunge bands and later died of heroin overdoses. Much of Grunge was falsely blamed on the miserable but brilliant Kurt Cobain, who thus became so depressed that he found it necessary to suck on the barrel of a shotgun. No one who had ever listened to Seattle music was surprised in the least.
Steve formed a Grunge band because he had a huge guitar amp and the fashion sense of a hobo.

When I got a job, I returned all my Grunge clothes to the Salvation Army dumpster.

I have just listened to several hours of Grunge and am trying to decide whether to hurl myself off a skyscraper, shoot myself in the head, or overdose on heroin.
by Scorite June 15, 2006
The best music ever. Makes you feel good.

Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden Mudhoney, etc.

((Nirvana weren't Grunge, by the way. So Shut the fuck up you mainstreamer assholes.))
"Grunge was the best Music ever created"

"Nirvana were not Grunge"
by Nirvana AREN'T Grunge March 31, 2006
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