Way back in the 60's it was a common phrase used for an erection. It was used in reference to the teacher on the Archie cartoon series, Miss Grundy. If your penis was Really hard, it was called a "Grundy" because it pulled so hard on your skin that the leaders(tendons) in your neck showed like the teacher on the Archie cartoons.
That hot chick over there in the string bikini is giving me a Grundy!!
by SMOKINGMAN November 01, 2008
Top Definition
A wedgie.
We gave the stupid little freshman a wedgie after he asked us where the elevator was.
by Popsicle May 18, 2004
(Australian): Underpants.

Derives from Sydney Rhyming slang, "Reg Grundies = Undies", which is a reference to that excellent Australian TV production outfit Reg Grundy, behind such televisual classics as Neighbours, Home and Away, The Sullivans, etc.
From "The 12th Man Again", wherein commentator Max "Tangles" Walker discusses the perils of prolonged bouts of commentating on international cricket competitions:

"when you're sitting around in the commentary box for this length of time, it's not unusual, really, for the old cods to maybe nod off, get a bit numb; I think the best thing to do in situations like this is to get up, stretch the old legs; maybe even try to casually slip the old hand down and, maybe, give them a bit of a rub; probably try and adjust the old reg grundies while you're down there; try and loosen them up a bit. Anything, really, to try to get the old circulation going again."
by Blind Electric Ray May 03, 2005
Your underpants...
My grundies are soiled
by MH June 06, 2003
Something that is grotty, dirty or generally foul. Also a type of troll or gargoyle.
that fart smells really grundy!!!
by ram jam 1991 May 11, 2011
Also known as Grundyism. A term to refer to anything, usually from the 1970s that is stale, dingy, dilapidated, and often came in horrible shades of yellow or brown (The actual colours of Urine and Faeces), imitation wood and plastic and came in the forms of hexagon-ish shapes. This term is named after the Grundy TV logo seen in the opening credits of Sons and Daughters for obvious reasons.
The state of that dilapidated, Grundy looking caravan, it deserves burning.
by DirtyHitmanHartley June 10, 2011

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