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grundle grumble ( grundle grumbler, grundle grumbling )

1: When a young lady is pleasuring her partner by kissing or licking his grundle the scrotum will cover the womans mouth preventing intelligible speech.

2: Flatulence that is prevented from escaping up the butt crack that flows over the grundle impacting the scrotum making a distinctive rumbling sound. Grundle grumbles are particularly evident when seated on leather or vinyl seating surfaces or those cheesy fiberglass chairs in laundromats.

3. Mysterious sounds that emanate from the grundle.
1. Whats that honey? I can't hear what you saying you grundle grumbling bitch you.

2. Jesus Dave I heard that grundle grumble from here. Stop farting on my leather more fucking burritos for you.

3. What the fuck was that? Oh..a fucking grundle grumble. Sorry. Do you have any fabric softener?
by Global Feetus March 26, 2007
The after effect of eating at the Grundle (Harris-Millis) Dining Hall at the University of Vermont: a combination of gurgling, bubbling, gut crunching, grumbling noises originating from the stomach and/or intestines resulting from the suspicious and often questionable meals offered at the oh-so infamous place of culinary disaster.
oh no! i've got the Grundle Grumbles! I NEED to get to a bathroom.
by GrundleGoer October 04, 2012

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