n: the hairy space between the genitals and asshole. Also referred to as the "taint"
"dont make me punch you in the grundle"
by Reggie! October 16, 2003
a non- sweaty swundle

it's good as a breakfast food
I bashed his grundle with a rusty cheesegrater
by holotekor July 23, 2003
the soft, sometimes hairy and wet, area between your genitals and anus.
Hey guys! Check out my grundle tatoo!
by Andy July 23, 2003
1. The hairy sector separating your bunghole from your dilly-dally.

2. A room in a house/apartment specifically for men to hang out at, also referred to as a "man cave".
After a long, hard day of working in the yard, I love to come inside and scratch my sweaty grundle.

Man 1: Dude we've got the Nintendo 64 all hooked up in the grundle! Come over!
Man 2: Cool, bro! I'll bring over some PBR and an extra controller!
by SillySailor500 September 28, 2011
A full bed pan.
A whole shit pot full. A whole shit load. There is a grundle of things I do not need.
by klitster January 28, 2009
adj. The hair between a mans ball sack and anus. Often used as an insult.
John you are such a grundle
by matt c. November 03, 2004
The area between the scrotum and anus
Lick my grundle
by Rob January 14, 2004

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