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noun: The sweat off your balls.
The guitar picks stink of Dave's grundle and tiger balm!
by Metal Maniac February 26, 2006
3 9
sweaty, stinky section between ball sack and rectum that girls tend to love to lick. the grundle was made famous my matt lantz.
mick kaywood plays with his grundle.
by mick March 16, 2005
1 7
1.slang term for scrotum (ball sack).
2. dirty,grimy,foul etc.
1.Oh shit I got hit in the grundle.
You fuckin' grundle.

2. That chick is grundle.
Ew, my clothes are so grundle.
by RJ McNamara April 03, 2004
3 9
To have sex
"i'm gonna go and grundle that girl over there!"
by chipmonk1 March 30, 2009
1 8
The worst and most disgusting word ever.
Ew. Don't ever say grundle again.
by Ian January 18, 2005
3 10
Grundle was the name of a member of the Condors MC, from Armidale NSW Australia, said to have got a part as an extra in the iconic australian biker film "Stone".
Didja see Grundle and Charlie Choo Choo at Impies last Fridee. Fucken pissed to the eyeballs. Hope no cunt run inter them on the way home.
by John May September 10, 2004
5 12
Underpants, Underwear, be it Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, high rise, low rise, cotton, rayon, or polyester.

Grundles is actually short for grundlemires, as panties is short for underpants.
If you cut somebody off in traffic and they start flipping you off or shouting obscenities, simply say "Hey, don't get your grundles in a bundle, pal."
by Sara B Ellum December 21, 2010
7 15