another word for a peach.
or gooch.
i 'm growing a grundle tree in my backyard.
by MRS.JONAS November 06, 2007
(verb) To place an object in the area between your testicles and anus (i.e. the grundle). This is generally done when attempting to bring prohibited items into a venue where entrants are patted down.
"Yo Thabius, make sure you grundle that bowl before we get to the security check-point."
by AppleJax September 04, 2006
The meat typically found in the Doner Kebap sandwiches served in Europe, particularly Germany. Made by taking undistinguishable bits of meat from various animals and twisting it up in a sheet, then banging it on the ground until it is of uniform consistency. The meat is then impaled on a spinning spike near a heat lamp and the sheet peeled off. Finally the grundle is ready to be served by shaving off chunks of animal matter and cramming into a pita shell. Yum, Yum!!!
"Gimme some of that good, greasy, gelatinous grundle goodness!"
by hoggenleggen May 05, 2006
space b/t butt hole and balls
i have a hairy grundle
by Sam January 30, 2005
part between your ass and your ball sac
jo mama's grundle mamammammamamammama
by david kuo October 19, 2004
Ball perspiration, especially that found on the back of the balls
Patrick Ewing's jockstrap with brimming with grundle following that game against the Celtics.
by King David October 08, 2004
The area between your dick and your balls
My dick has been sticking to my grundle
by Jim Tzenes August 22, 2004
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