a breakfast sandwich usually consisting of sausage, egg (at least what the government tells us is egg) and cheese on a bagle or english muffin
oh snap! today is grundle day! I'm getting breakfast
by Rimmer April 07, 2005
The grundle is the area between the penis and the asshole. This area is the most dark and hairy realm of the human male body. I like to call it pergatory - the area between heaven and hell.
"First I'll suck you're cock and if you're nice, I will pet your grundle"
by Pete April 03, 2005
The area between the balls and the butthole of a male or female. More pleasurable area for the male, as it can also be referred to as the "underground penis."
ex. Please, honey, rub my grundle.
by The Girl March 11, 2005
the reigion between ur ball sack and ur hole
Tylors grindle was so good
by stebon February 24, 2005
The space between a vagina and an anus. Yes women have it too, you sexist bastards.
"My pet rat seems to be resting snuggly on my grundle."
by dicknity March 03, 2004
The little pieces of pooh and underwear lint that get caught in the hair around your anus.
My Grundles were making me itchy, so I picked them off.
by Bud Green February 07, 2004
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