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Small encrusted pieces of poo that attach themselves to the hair on your gooch when wiping carelessly.
Kyle wanted Susan to lick his gooch but he had grundle berries.
Be sure to scrub your gooch extra hard in the shower to get those grundle berries off.
Hey dude check it out, this grundle berrie looks like Cosby.
by MATT, TONY AND GREG July 23, 2004
The little clumps of shit that gather in the hair by your asshole when you dont wipe it properly
You should check for grundleberries every now and then
by The Curator January 16, 2006
When sand, gum or dingleberries are stuck in the hair between your testicles and anus.
She said my grundleberries taste good.
by eibs April 22, 2009
the things hanging between a guys legs, aka testicles
Folgie passed out when he got a kick to the grundleberries
by steve-o- March 31, 2005
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