Youre floppy skin fun bridge.
Joe was being an asshole so Jane kicked him right in his floppy skin fun bridge.
by TheProffBitchez January 13, 2005
A grundel has two definitions:

1. An area of skin between the legs and also between the anus and the sex organ.

2. A Combative, authoritative, pompous, superficial individual who is prone to overgeneralize topics and predisposed to utilize fallacious logic to further an argument.
Man #1: Oh shit grundel Bob is coming over here, he's such a grundel!
Grundel Bob: You guys look like pussies, ya wanna fight?

Man #2: Man, here comes grundel Bob again. All he wants to do is fight.
Grundel Bob: You guys look like a couple of homosexuals, I can tell based off your haircuts. Ya wanna fight?

Man #1: Grundel Bob, why do you keep starting fights? You're such a grundel!
Grundel Bob: Well I could say the same thing about youuuuu.
by bubbert November 25, 2013
the space right between your ballsack (the end of your ballsack) and the crack of your ass. it has a great amount of hair, itches alot, and usually smells like intensified ass. most men are usually turned on when they are sexually touched in that little flap of skin.
Michael Murcia has an intensifyingly smelly grundel and likes to slide a finger down that flap of skin and sniff it right after. It usually smells like horendous shit for no reason. It's quite nasty.
by WhItE MiKe Fr0m Da HiZeIgHtZ March 30, 2005
The mound of skin between ones balls, and scrotum.
"by the great grundel gripping gods!!!"
by Ga Dizzle June 25, 2005
area between penis and ahole
watch it, that's my grundel you're licking you know.
by Jim Nicoloff November 14, 2002
1. The area between one's sack and asshole
2. A Homerun in Baseball.
Hit a grundel so we can win!
by CharlieDaniels April 26, 2006
space between the anus and vagina
also known as perindenum
by kyle July 02, 2004

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