The nether-regions between the balls and the ass
When I play basketball, my grundel butter begin to melt and drip.
by Anonymous March 17, 2003
1. (n.) The area of skin between the anus and the genitalia in either sex (see also 'taint)
2. (v.) A complex variation of "mooning" in which one applies the flesh of one's bare buttocks (usually the hairier buttocks of the male) directly to the face of the victim, especially when the victim is seated on the floor and distracted. To apply one's buttocks to the back of the NECK of someone seated on the floor is known as a "reverse Grundel."
I was sittin' on the floor playing "Fight Night Round 3" when Jeff Richard came in and gave me a reverse Grundel! I had to scrub the back of my neck!
by Darryl X. December 18, 2007
the area between your balls and your asshole
Mark Ryan has a stinky grundel.
by John Grundelski November 24, 2003
the space between your balls and your ass
My grundle stinks after a game of lacrosse
by joe March 10, 2003
the bit of skin between your nuts and your freckle and when it itches you can't reach it from the front or the back.
When Hayden rests his chin upon my freckle, it makes my grundel quiver. ****mmmmm grundel spasm.
by jondali February 26, 2009
Youre floppy skin fun bridge.
Joe was being an asshole so Jane kicked him right in his floppy skin fun bridge.
by TheProffBitchez January 13, 2005
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