Something that is dirty, and a little bit greasy. Nothing discolored unless it is slightly brown/green. mostly used for people.
Oh dude, you f*cked aleesha?! she is so grummy!
by Jadeshadow August 07, 2003
Top Definition
adjective. often used to describe a persons appearance in decoration of lower social status. unclean, messy, bummy, greasy, soiled, grungy, "junk- boat"

Originated - Fall River, Ma
i would never let such a "grummy" looking individual watch my kid.
by Bunny & Jmac April 15, 2011
When the weather outside is shitty and cold.
This weather is grummy. I want a beer.
by jleefromtheblock May 04, 2012
Describes food so tasty that one growls when eating it.
Maurice the Cat says, "Cat Chow is sooooo grummy!"
by youngtorch May 09, 2007
when something is great and funny. is used on those days when you cant talk.
wow!! That movie was so grummy!!
by LiNkIn ChIk April 09, 2003
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