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Something that is dirty, and a little bit greasy. Nothing discolored unless it is slightly brown/green. mostly used for people.
Oh dude, you f*cked aleesha?! she is so grummy!
by Jadeshadow August 07, 2003
12 15
adjective. often used to describe a persons appearance in decoration of lower social status. unclean, messy, bummy, greasy, soiled, grungy, "junk- boat"

Originated - Fall River, Ma
i would never let such a "grummy" looking individual watch my kid.
by Bunny & Jmac April 15, 2011
10 3
When the weather outside is shitty and cold.
This weather is grummy. I want a beer.
by jleefromtheblock May 04, 2012
2 5
Describes food so tasty that one growls when eating it.
Maurice the Cat says, "Cat Chow is sooooo grummy!"
by youngtorch May 09, 2007
3 11
when something is great and funny. is used on those days when you cant talk.
wow!! That movie was so grummy!!
by LiNkIn ChIk April 09, 2003
9 19