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n: an expression through visual media illustrated largely with skulls and crossbones enhanced with hearts, felines, pink and glitter. Unlike graffiti, a form of civil disobedience involving desecration of property bearing anti-social statements, grrl-fiti has become widely accepted and embraced through focus-marketing, monopolizing the casual clothing market, and dominating all remaining forums of pop culture definition using exclusively the angry disenfranchised white teenage female.
1. A high school teacher lamented the scribblings all over half their students' assignments as typical grrl-fiti.
2. Only full-time employed adults and pubescent males found the grrl-fiti obnoxious to the point of believing civic action should be taken.
3. The rising-star young lady appeared on TV wearing grrl-fiti accessories (belts, bracelets, black hooded sweatshirt, shoes) to promote her latest brand of pop music; her record label dropped her 6 months later for refusing to utilize a skateboard in her corporate pimping showcases.
by Booed-man-a-risin April 12, 2008
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