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Somebody who think they grown but they still live wit they parents,aint got no job, cant pay a single bill,cant take care of responsibliltys like a grown man would.........still act like a lil kid all together.
Girl he said,"Wat u wanna do about it cuz i cant miss school to take u 2 da doctors!"

An i replied,"But u can miss school to get down but u cant 2 handle buisness, i swear i aint never heard of a Grown Ass Kid on da real!"
by Nicole Green December 23, 2006

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A guy who acts like a kid. Doesn't mean he's immature just has the heart of a little kid because he never had that well of a childhood...
Kanye West - Through the Wire

And I still won't grow up
I'm a grown ass kid
Swear I should be locked up for stupid shit that i did
by some polak October 27, 2004