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What they call cunnilingus in Glasgow, Scotland (source: Billy Connolly, the funniest man in the world)
Also known as "going the growl"
"Know what they call cunnilingus in Glasgow?.... Growling at the badger!"
by Cluin September 02, 2003

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to conduct oral sex on a female
"What were you doing there? It smells, and looks like a badly packed kebab!"

"I was growling at the badger."
by Tommo August 28, 2003
Although often used to indicate oral sex on a female, a new definition has been recently discovered.

Growling at the badger is the orgasmic sound made by a man as a result of using two hands to have intercourse with a badger, often using a sausage for added pleasure.
Growling at the badger sound effects

Man: fnarr fnarr
Badger: *badger sounds*