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"I am sooo GRRRrowly right now, leave me alone!"

"This project is really making me growly."
by 1234pseudonym1234 April 06, 2009
9 -1
n., a cuter term for the munchies (craving food without being genuinely hungry).
Mm, let's go to McDonald's. This weed's giving me the growlies.
by Kitteh May 08, 2005
26 2
Another term for supper.
"its time to eat some growlies"
by littlebug March 28, 2007
9 9
when a flaming guy attempts (unsuccessfully) to appear masculine, either by appearance or behavior

also, when a male acts like a butch lesbian
"wow, todd is looking growly tonight"
by crushxxbar May 26, 2009
0 6