A groupie is a woman who tries to get with band members, then ditch them
Kat Von D is such a groupie for dating deadmau5 for a while, and then suddenly breaking up with him for no apparent reason.
by skrillex7890 November 11, 2012
groupie: a slut who sleeps with a basketball player simply for the fact they are a well-known athlete. the slut is over tanned and shows up to a game in heels and a mini skirt & does not even know what is going on during the game. the slut does not care if the basketball player has a wife or a girlfriend. the slut loses self respect and looks like a psychotic whore in the end.
The girls who look lost after a game waiting around on the athletes, those are groupies.
by peacelovemu April 14, 2009
A selfieor photo with two or more individuals in the photograph.Can also refer to a group photo
The view was incredible, some people started taking selfieswith the view as the background. Someone suggested that the group should take a groupie together.
by hkatatney January 15, 2014
Something that the Pussycat Dolls said they wanted when they were younger. Says it all really.
'When I grow up, I wanna see the world, drive nice cars, I wanna have groupies.
by magap August 06, 2008
A young women who like a famous person So much that they will go out of there own character just to meet them, be with,or sleep with.This girl usually has no idea what this person is really like. They get played at the end.
I'm going to write him just to see if he notices me, If that doesn't work then I just might have to show my butt and give him some!!!
by John Legend June 01, 2005
A group of people in school or anywhere that create names for their groups
Powerpuff girls
Cool boys
Groupie hot boys
by coolnesshahahahahah April 16, 2011
The untalented who follow the talented around, to try and get some talent rubbed off unto their dull, talentless shoulders.
Why the hell would you be a groupie?! Be a roadie instead, you get to handle all the neat guitars, set up lights and tech stuff, and if you *accidentally* get to sleep with one of the bandmates, people won't call you a slut, they'll just say you're friends with benefits....goddamn stereotypes...
by stray September 14, 2004
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