The untalented who follow the talented around, to try and get some talent rubbed off unto their dull, talentless shoulders.
Why the hell would you be a groupie?! Be a roadie instead, you get to handle all the neat guitars, set up lights and tech stuff, and if you *accidentally* get to sleep with one of the bandmates, people won't call you a slut, they'll just say you're friends with benefits....goddamn stereotypes...
by stray September 14, 2004
phitt emo guys who sleep with the band: propa kickin super rad is what we aim for
dan is our number 1 groupie
by pisserpisser March 27, 2007
a fan of a rock band who follows them around on tour because they inspire the person.
Dfuzed inspires me to live for God!!!
by Marie Harris May 18, 2004
a person who likes a person in a band because he/she is cute. someone who doesn't even give a damn about the music. then after a concert goes backstage to try hook up with a band
mate. trying to get in bed with them
by relix94 August 22, 2003
someone who is obsessed with a band or artist that wants to have sex with someone that is an artist/band.
GROUPIES r obsessed.
by chana July 16, 2003
a female or male (mainly a female) that stays around the opposite sex all the time. She gives him an annoying nickname (i.e juju short for julian) and wants his attention at all times.
Say for instance its a really cute boy walking down the hallway and his name is Julian. A groupie will be loud and ghetto and scream "Hey Juju" across the hall just to get some attention from him.
by Taylor Lloyd-Thomas September 14, 2007
There sluts that sleep with the band!
I had sex in that guys trailer last night, he said he was in a band...!
by groupie September 14, 2004

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