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An awesome iPhone app where you socialize with other members, in similar groups, where you share similar interests.
Hey, have you been on Groupie today? I just saw the funniest post!
by Yuzza November 03, 2012
A picture taken of yourself plus another person or group of people. A Selfie plus one or more people.
Robby and I took a groupie and shared it on Facebook.
by MikeI January 07, 2014
someone who enjoys being around rock groups and also enjoys having sex with them
groupies are girls, women, females, chicks,chix
by jjjjjj July 05, 2006
Like a selfie, but for a group of people
The girls were taking groupies all night and posting them on facebook.
by Jeremiah S November 27, 2013
A person that wants to follow a band..and become part of a band..with out actully being in a band. Shes there for the fun.
"Hey is she in your band too?"
"Kinda. Shes always there"
"Like a sluty ass groupie"
"No. Shes just a groupie..shes not a slut.Shes doesnt sleep with any member of the band..she just wants to be part of the fun."
by iMjUsTaNoThErDeGo April 06, 2005
Is a girl who surrounds themselves with anybody with fame. They go to all-star weekends when it's not in their city. They only date guys with fame. They are searching for a way out of their little world. They are girls that are siting at the money makers VIP's table with their friends drinking all the free alcohol. They google names to see who makes what.
"Its all star weekend in south dakota lets fly out there-groupie"
by jonnybegood July 04, 2009
Forma di idolatrazione moderna.
principalmente compiuta da forme di vita di sesso femminile.
Groupie:"Voglio fare svegliare le menti dei mentecatti! Gli propongo un metodo per uscire dal torpore, per leggersi tra le righe e flagellarsi (e poi è l'incentivo per accelerare la produzione di un nuovo loro figlio versione ciddì, del quale ho bisogno, ecco) "
by Sbobb February 10, 2014