"That garbage is groty to the max"
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
Top Definition
adj. short for grotesque
That glass of water has been sitting out for a week, no wonder it tastes groty.
by fizzle December 19, 2005
Something thats fuckin' gross. I claim this word in the name of me! Rob]
your mom's bush is groty
by vzSCUBAstevezv November 03, 2013
a mix between gross and dirty
those socks look so groty
by marce September 23, 2004
Another way to say "wow that's so cool dude" or to say a friend is cool, something that was cool or you could even make it a negative by adding not before groties
Dude that nollie pop shove-it was groties to the max, dude you are so not groties to the max
by E-Rock from the D-Block December 06, 2010
Meaning roughly, "like a grotto." Specifically, an adjective for a cave-like underwater dwelling.
Ariel's groty new house had a special shelf for dinglehoppers.
by c_infanti January 08, 2009
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