A term used to refer to another person who is disgusting and dirty having performed/partaken in disgusting and dirty act(s).
James you're such a grotbag, i cannot believe you boshed that mess last night.
by Grotbaglover April 09, 2006
Top Definition
An overweight, wheezing, ugly, wart infested, crusty, haggard member of the female sex.
Man you got so wasted last night you pulled a right grotbags.
by Souness March 25, 2011
A miserable old witch. Originated from the UK from a childrens show.
Theresa is such a grotbag today.
There is a grotbag living in that hut down the street.
by The Original Zippy© November 17, 2005
big plastic bag used to store cum
have you seen my grotbag i'm hungry
by mattdevilstick September 28, 2003
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