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A beautiful girl that takes your heart away who is dorky, quirky, cute, charming, intelligent, funny, creative, sexy AND gross.
Ian: You know what I'd rather be doing?
Deb: What?
Ian: Holding my grossie.
by missinu67 March 20, 2011
A person who is gross and won't stop being gross.
People who hang out in front of Friendly's
People who just wear Hot Topic
People who wear t-shirts with Family Guy characters and jokes on them
People who think they're hardxcore
People who pretend to smoke or even really do smoke but do it for the image
People who hang out in Simsbury Commons
People who update their myspace twice a day with new moody pictures or pictures to make them look quirky
People who say they only shop at Salvation Army
People who embrace their own grossness but call it "dorkiness" or "quirkiness" to make it sound cute and charming but NO its just gross
People who say "random" all the time
People who have disgusting screennames
People who can't interact socially offline
Ew look at those grossies.
by Chieftan August 09, 2006
A gross person. I'm supposed to put more words here so I'm just rambling on. I think you got the point with the sentence: A gross person.
Sarah:Cody is such a grossie!
Cody:(Repeats the word "grossie" until I want to slap the shit out of him!)
by Sarah Kummer August 15, 2005
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