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Someone who dances and shakes their ass and/or cleavage in an appealing way, yet slutty to some.
Yo girl, you are groovalicious.
by Miss Connecticut May 16, 2004
3 3
the combination of two most excellent adjective to describe something that would otherwise be indescribable.
Dude, that party was totally groovalicious!

Your wife if groovalicious!
by BigMiggy.com March 30, 2004
12 2
1. Extremely groovy
2. a generic way of saying cool
1. This song is groovalicious!
2. I won the lottery? Groovalicious!
by Chris May 16, 2004
13 5
Totally rad and super.
That Dragon Ball Z party was totally groovalicious!
by Anus Man November 29, 2002
8 5